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Eight Inch Kugels

Eight Inch Kugels were an experiment that we attempted in 2004 that has since become extremely successful. They have become one of our best selling sizes often used for outdoor use but also can be used inside for accent pieces on a gazing ball stand. Many of our popular four inch kugels have migrated to eight inch size because of their popularity there.

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Blue & Green 8 Inch Kugel (Gecko)

This unique opaque kugel is a mix between a lime green and a cobalt blue that resembles a rain forest gecko.  Product Details...


Blues 8 Inch Kugel

Light blue and dark blue create this kugel that we like to call "Blues". This kugel is like the skyline with a light opaque blue and a dark transparent blue.  Product Details...


Green 8 Inch Kugel

An Irish green blown into a optical effect that gives the kugel a strong reflective property.  Product Details...


Green Circus 8 Inch Kugel

Circus Green is a new design that mixes our popular Circus Pattern with a new Lime Green Color.  Product Details...


Lavender & Purple 8 Inch Kugel

Flowers in bloom, this kugel is like a fresh spring day when the orchids bloom on a sunny day.  Product Details...


Purple Twist 8 Inch Kugel

This is a Purple Kugel that is a twist property that brings out the royal color in this ball. The size is 8 inches in diameter.   Product Details...


Purple, Pink & White 8 Inch Kugel (Bloom)

Another new design for this year that is great all year round whether for gift or for self. The Bloom Kugel includes a mixture of pastel pinks and purples  Product Details...


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